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About Me

My name is Joe Vancil, and this is my web site/playground.  Welcome.

I'm one of two adopted sons of Jack and Winnie Vancil.  Dad passed away in June 2007;  Mom passed away in May 2010.  I was born in St. Louis - I believe - but I don't really know anything about my birth parents.  I grew up on Mom and Dad's farm, between Holcomb and Campbell, Missouri, and went to Holcomb High School.

I have a brother, Marty Vancil, who is married to Gentry Vancil (check out the link to her gym:  http://www.gentrysgym.com).  I also have three nieces:  Sarah Jolene Thomasson (we call her "Jody"), Anna Vancil and Elle Vancil.  Jody married Blake Thomasson, and the two of them are expecting their first child, Audrey Jolene, in early April 2016.

I went to the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO for my education, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.

I lived in St. Louis for a few months, working for American Express Health Systems Group.  I left that company to return to Columbia, where I've lived ever since.  I've lived in Missouri all my life.

I currently work for Carfax, as a Systems Engineer.  My responsibilities at the job include all the Windows-based servers, as well as the Virtualization products.  I'm sort of a catch-all System Admin-type guy.

Outside of work, you'll find me toying with one of my many interests:  computers, technology, music, basketball, board games, card games, or hanging out with friends.  I've got other interests as well, but these seem to be the ones I always keep coming back to.

I'm a Christian, and attend Memorial Baptist Church.  At the church, I help out with the Upward Basketball program, where I'm a League Director, a Coach, and other various things they need me to be from time to time.